A Blank Page for Food Innovation

October 6, 2017

By: Foodlosofia

What do you do when you lose it all? More than 7,000 properties were destroyed after the earthquakes in Mexico. Acknowledging the fact that it was a severe tragedy, it is also a chance to rethink the city as an ecosystem, understand what we are doing wrong and improve what we can do better. Just like in Puerto Rico, where about 80% of farms were recently lost due to hurricane Maria, former owners and chefs of a local restaurant, Tara Rodríguez Besosa and Olga Casillas Badillo, are looking at the bigger picture rather than focusing on rebuilding their creation.

After losing not only their restaurant, but all of its sourcing farms, they now have a clearer understanding of what it means to be auto-sustainable, and they are turning the page by planning a national initiative for sustainable agriculture and energy that will positively impact health, environmental, economic, and political issues through food.

This same mindset led to a successful project in Tokyo, where the firm Kono Designs had the initiative to seize an opportunity of renovating and repairing an old, damaged building for the company Pasona Group. Their project, called Urban Farm, consisted of creating a space where crops and office workers shared a common space, allowing all food to be harvested, prepared, and served inside the building.

Food Innovation

Beyond joining a green movement, food service initiatives as such, have the power to change human behavior and mindset by seeing the true benefits and potential in nature and creating a bond with it, a bond that probably was not even there before. While it might be sad, changes as such might come just after severe tragedies, but they are still good opportunities to optimize, learn, and do more than what was there before.


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