The Bright Side of Massive Consumption

October 6, 2017
Massive Consumption

By: Foodlosofia

After Mexico’s earthquakes, different national and international cities joined to send aid. The help surpassed the expectations but, unfortunately, the access roads, logistics, and dealing with people robbing provisions, were hard obstacles that only made transportation harder than it should be. Targeting the same problem of reaching inaccessible locations in need of help, British aid worker, Simon Berry, noted something interesting in one of his journeys: Coca-Cola was always present in the most unimaginable and remote places.

With this in mind, he came up with the initiative of creating medicine kits designed to perfectly fit between bottles. From medicine to personal hygiene, and even food and beverage industry goods, this principle can be used to target endless scarcities around the world optimizing existing commercial networks for social purposes. This is an old, yet genius example of the possibilities that may surge through design and the optimization of existing distribution channels. It is also a reminder that no boundaries, not even thousands of kilometers, can get in the way of creative minds when it comes to helping others.


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