Designing the next step of food delivery

November 10, 2017

By: Foodlosofia

Retail innovations are making our homes smarter. Total automatization of food replenishment might be closer than ever thanks to Walmart’s latest move. The big retailer has taken convenience to the next level by allowing delivery staff to step into our homes and place our groceries in the fridge. It partnered with August Home, a smart lock startup that allows homeowners to provide a one-time passcode in case no one is home. Users can also follow the process by watching live footage through an app.

While trust issues may arise, let’s not forget that other industries have already overcome big security-related barriers, such as letting strangers into our homes with Airbnb or hopping into our cars with Uber. What today seems like something totally disruptive in the food service industry, may easily become the future’s standard. Whether people adopt Walmart’s food innovation, this initiative is creating a new relationship between costumers and the brand.  This seems to be part of their agenda to compete with trendsetting companies like Amazon through convenient solutions.


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Walmart wants to walk into your home and put groceries in your refrigerator



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