Food and beverage industry targeting big diseases

September 27, 2017
Big brands targeting big diseases

By: Foodlosofia

Companies are going one step further with innovative food ideas that target more than mainstream health claims. 

Hormel Foods, company popular for producing Skippy peanut butter, has developed products aimed to satisfy the different needs for people with cancer. They noted changes regarding their food experience that went beyond nutritional content, such as changes in flavor perception and in lifestyle, like constant tiredness, which makes traditional cooking a nonviable option. The company developed a line of ready to eat meals and drinks designed to provide the necessary nutrients and formats for the specific needs of people combating this disease, as well as for those with swallowing difficulties or at risk of malnutrition.

Another example is Nestlé, who managed to enter healthcare nutrition years ago and now produces dozens of health targeted products. A project on which the company has been working on is in designing a nutritional drink called Vitaflo, which has the mission of helping epileptic individuals reduce seizures. The product surged when noting that people with this condition may be benefited by following ketogenic diets, which are high in fats and low in carbohydrates. This is one example of many to come, since the company is working with over 160 collaborators to gain new insights and develop valuable products that target a variety of conditions. 

Personalized health science nutrition is a rising food trend derived from the food for health trend that managed to get to mainstream channels. Facing an important growth in elder population and the constant combat of healthcare costs, it must be about finding efficient and cost-effective ways to prevent and treat diseases, taking as a priority not only nutrition, but also the experience and changes in people’s lives when going through hard times.


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