Food innovation for impulse buyers

November 10, 2017

By: Foodlosofia

Food innovation for impulse buyers

There are many external factors that can impact our shopping experience and push us to make impulse buys, like buying a chocolate bar just before checking out. But what happens when we shift online? How can retailers translate these in-store habits to different platforms? Amazon might have the answer.

Food innovation

The company successfully designed every touchpoint of the shopping experience. With this food innovation, people owning Amazon Echo can simply shout out what they’re craving, and Alexa places the order. In case this requires too much forethought, the company also developed earlier this year, the “Prime Surprise Sweets”. It consists of a physical button that automatically orders a box of artisanal sweets in just one click.

Food innovation for impulse buyers

With snacking being one of this year’s biggest food trends, it makes sense that the company is finding its way into the sweets universe. We are intrigued to see online shopping companies dive deeper into exclusively in-store consumer habits and gain insights to approach them through alternative channels.


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