Foodlosofia Reviews: Quamba

January 9, 2019

By: Foodlosofia

What caught our attention: A very traditional beverage turned in a pop soda. How cool is that?

What is really innovative about this? Aguapanela is a popular Latin American beverage (very consumed in Colombia) made from brown sugar and consumed all over the country, from the La Guajira Peninsula to the Amazonian Trapeze. Quamba renews this tradition for the new generations while pays homage to the peasants and the popular flavor that represents and identifies Colombia. Panela, as locals call the brown sugar, production represents one of the most traditional rural agroindustries in Colombia and constitutes the underlying economy of 236 municipalities with more than 350,000 people working on this – that is, 12% of the economically active rural population. It is the second most important agricultural economy after coffee. FUNLEO created Quamba in partnership with small producers to develop the first artisanal Colombian soda. Now trying to get my Medicare Rx insurance company to approve Cialis 5mg for my BPH drug treatment

Our verdict: In a market so dominated by industrial beverages, it’s a great initiative to create a modern soft drink from an ancient peasant tradition. And it is delicious, with balanced flavors (with lemon notes), and not so sweet at all. Very refreshing – despite low carbonation.

Best for: Those who want to quit Coke for a more natural, flavorful, fresh soda — also connected with more, let’s say, “noble” values.

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