Reinventing Traditions for the New Generations

May 16, 2019

By: Foodlosofia

The easiness that comes with new technologies is opening ways to new lifestyles and is shaping the products of the new generations. Until recently, traditions seemed to be “untouched” by this movement, but now, brands are betting on reinventing rituals and are changing the way traditions are taking part in our lives.

Canned Wine

Wine has been the synonym of luxury for a long time. Something to drink during special moments and festivities. But with the democratization of food, young people have started to look for alternatives to enjoy it on code-less occasions.

This is the case of Besa mi vino, a company that sells canned wine more like a refreshment for chilling moments than as a ritual; it’s all about creating more meaningful moments on a daily basis. It simplifies its communication, making it a less complex and friendlier alternative that speaks an understandable language and shares claims with products in multiple categories.

Besides its format, it appeals to conscious generations since its production is more sustainable due to its packaging and transportation as well as being free of pesticides and chemicals, making it an appealing option inside out.

Spirit Vending Machine

Speaking about alcoholic beverages, accessibility is revolutionizing shopping dynamics. Moët & Chandon has created a series of vending machines that’s giving Champagne a fresh air and a new way to include it in the nightlife landscape.

Besides bottled drinks, Hoot the Redeemer is taking boozy ice cream (or as they call it, “adult ice cream”) to the streets with flavors such as bourbon berry pie and lavender milk with vodka, targeting a different kind of festive occasion.

Finally, product tastings are also joining the movement. Such is the case of a vending machine in Napoleon hotel in London, a hotel famous for its vast quantity of whiskey brands, which has installed a vending machine that lets you taste a sip of different types of whiskey in a little pouch bag. This way, consumers may have a friendly first approach to the product and easily discover new flavors without overcommitting.

Flavor Beyond Alcohol

This trend is about a certain type of beer. You must be thinking the world is transforming into an alcohol-centered community, but this trend is not about alcohol.

Not so long ago we talked about zero waste beer, but now we’re focusing on taste beyond any other quality. From pop-up spaces to brands creating beers for daily intake, the no-booze trend is getting stronger and it’s not only focusing on health claims. Emerging brands are speaking about the enjoyment of ingredients and techniques, highlighting flavor and targeting taste adventurers.

Soylent going Mainstream

Having a fast paced lifestyle seems to be a shared characteristic that knows no ages nor nationalities. This has created the need to eat fast, condensed products in small portions that meet all our nutritional needs and allow us to keep on moving.

Consequently, Soylent has been evolving in the current market and is now a mainstream meal-replacing option. The brand started with its iconic drinkable meals, and has now joined the snacking movement by launching Soylent squared, a bar full of essential nutrients and with just 100 calories, making it an easy choice for balanced mini meals. Still, we can’t help but wonder if food as we know it, with its traditions and multi-texture recipes, might be at risk to fit into this growing market.

Bubble Tea Bars

Boba (or bubble tea) is not yet a tradition in the western culture, even with the significant amount of Asian migration in the past years. Still, it is a product that has been well accepted and turned aspirational due to its variety of flavors and its mouth-tertaining, chewable experience.

Boba bars have turned tea rituals into modern snacks by exploring new flavors and formats. An example of this are the rising self-serving boba bars, which change the way consumers interact with the product and allows personalization, turning a ritual into an open canvas of ever-changing experiences. From boba bars to boba trucks, this trend seems to have a bright future ahead.

Cereal for Adults

Cereals! When we were young, we couldn’t get enough of them. Cereal boxes with games in the backside, colorful flakes, beautiful illustrations; all this nostalgia about cereals makes people miss their younger self.

Nowadays, most cereal brands targeted for adults speak about diet and health in a non playful nor joyful way. But then, there’s Magic Spoon cereal. This brand bets on nostalgia and health, offering a high protein, low carb, sweet tasting option with a fun branding and unique aesthetics, making it the perfect choice to renew our breakfast traditions.


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