Healing Through Social Dining

October 6, 2017

By: Foodlosofia

The arrival of hurricane Maria to Puerto Rico has left many devastated. With a severely damaged agriculture and difficulty finding anything to eat, figures of the food service industry are putting their best efforts to help, by doing what they know best: cooking.

Spanish-American chef, José Andrés, flew to the island to work with his non-profit project World Central Kitchen, which mission is to be the catalyst of change in people’s lives through the power of food. He paired with locals, friends, food trucks, and industry icons, such as chef Jose Enrique to cook and distribute food where it was needed the most. 

He has shared his work and process through social media, and it has motivated more and more experts and locals to join the movement, which led to the creation of the hashtag #ChefsForPuertoRico. He also visited Houston after hurricane Harvey and was recently called “the face of American disaster relief.”

It is inspiring to see chefs who would normally feed the few, become proactive figures that use their skills and knowledge to change the paradigm of high-end cuisine, into social and inclusive dining.


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