Inclusive restaurant design: making mistakes acceptable

September 27, 2017
Inclusive restaurant design

By: Foodlosofia

Inclusive restaurant design

A place where you will probably not get what you ordered. 

Taking a decision when going through a restaurant’s menu can sometimes be hard and stressful. But in a restaurant located in Tokyo, you won’t have to worry about it, cause you’ll probably won’t be getting what you order anyway.

“Order Mistakes” is a pop up restaurant that hires as waiters people suffering from dementia. Their goal is to create awareness and make patients functioning members of society, and at the same time, invite customers to go out of their comfort zone food wise while enjoying a lovely evening. More than promoting their food, unique experiences is what this restaurant is all about, and where the food service industry should be heading to. Its trial period is over, but its founders are already planning different activations to commemorate people with different diseases through food experiences.


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The Restaurant of Order Mistakes only employs waiters who have dementia



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