New restaurant design blurring the lines between going out and eating in

November 10, 2017
restaurant design

By: Foodlosofia

New restaurant design blurring the lines between going out and eating in

Technology and food design have transformed the very concepts of going out and eating in. With people shifting to delivery options, restaurants must figure out ways to have an impact on costumers’ experience outside their own walls. So what does it take to transport a restaurant’s atmosphere and offer a unique service inside our homes? For TGI Fridays it’s about the complete just-like-in-restaurant experience, and that is why it has become the first chain restaurant to deliver booze with your food.

The restaurant partnered with Lash, a Dallas based startup in charge of getting your booze to your door. Users have to simply log in the restaurant’s app, order food and their choice of drinks, and receive everything in under an hour. And if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can also ask for a bartender to go in with the order. We believe that the restaurant industry is and will continue making efforts to offer impactful experiences that will make the boundaries between our homes and restaurants disappear.



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