Improving seniors’ lifestyle through food design

September 27, 2017
Food Desing

By: Foodlosofia

Thanks to technology and design, seniors can enjoy their favorite meals without choking risks. 

Japan is the most aged society in the world, which means that health issues commonly present in seniors are a major problem. Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing) has been the cause of many choking incidents, which now surpass the number of deaths by traffic accidents in this country.

Targeting this problem and noting how form and texture can really influence our eating experiences, ENGAY foods has created a solution that allows people to enjoy their favorite foods once they age. It works by breaking down food and jellying it back to its original form.  It also works with drinks, adding thickening agents to gain more stable textures. Through technology and food design, the product’s original properties, taste, and shape are rescued, offering the most authentic experience possible.

Using this method, the possibilities of food and beverages that can be improved are endless. Today, this product is present in hospitals and nursing homes, available at a slightly higher price than regular foods. But with a growing demand, its a matter of time before it becomes a mainstream option and possibly the food of the future.


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