The Metamorphosis of Chocolate

November 13, 2019

By: Foodlosofia

We have selected some of the biggest trends that are driving the future of chocolate. From bars, nibs, or cacao, chocolate is certainly a product to which we can relate in multiple and unique ways. This is why we feel the urge of analyzing this category, finding new ways to connect and to evolve our classic perception of this treat. 

Insect Based

Future Chocolate is a project that aims to formulate a way of eating insects in a more sustainable, yet indulgent way. Insects are one of the most promising future protein sources; however, their introduction to our daily diets has been extremely challenging.

Fortunately, we’ve seen some initiatives like the one of Jisun Kim, who is combining 10% of insects powder with cacao to create insect bars that use organic form shells, reminding us of the classic shape of the cocoons. So if you have an adventurous palate and you feel like being an early adopter for more sustainable ways of eating, you can always try the Chapul Cricket Bars or take a tour to the Entis Store in Finland, who is selling very interesting insects-based products on the northern market. 

Infused Goods

THC & CBD chocolates are conquering adult’s markets, expanding the traditional “recreative” category. These products are not longer just a platform to explore edibles. Chefs, pastries and chocolatiers are putting efforts in creating new products that focus not only on the functional properties of cannabis, but in the sensory appreciation of the recipes.

American states like California or Colorado have been developing this emerging market with companies like KIVA, Défoncé or BlueKudu. In Europe, we’ve seen the expertise of Swiss chocolatiers like Difiori, who are starting to export their CBD chocolate products in the USA. The relaxing properties of CBD along with the delicate flavors of chocolate and the THC effects are creating the perfect indulgent moment that is taking food pleasure to the next holistic level. 

Luxurious Sweetness

Chocolate and luxury are not unknown territories. We’ve seen the exquisite shop windows of Les Champs-Élysées filled with delicate sweets and pastries, and multiple chocolatiers exploring the elegance of chocolate in fields like fashion, jewelry and art. Now, it’s time to see a mainstream brand playing in the high-end market. 

Last month, Nestlé opened a KitKat boutique store in Japan and UK that showcases a wide variety of chocolate flavors and high-end ingredients. Visitors will be invited to create the perfect chocolate bar, from nearly 1,500 possible flavor combinations. From ruby chocolate, texture add-ons like cookie chunks, salted caramel, honey or even rose petals are just a few of the ingredients you can find in the store. The KitKat Chocolatory is not only an experience that delights your senses with never-ending options, but it is also an experience that rewards you in terms of emotions, physiological and social levels. This pop-up is clearly an epitome of affordable luxury for people who want to indulge themselves and enjoy a feast with all of their senses.

United by Chocolate

The love for chocolate is something that seems to join different ages, different religions and even different cultures. In an attempt to express this unity, Cadbury launched its “Unity Bar”, a product that promotes skin tone inclusiveness. The ‘Unity Bar’ was the result of a creative collaboration between Ogilvy and Cadbury in India after living a local context where people are classified by their caste, language, religion and region, creating an unnecessary slew of prejudices. This product brings together 4 different types of chocolate into one single bar, celebrating the wide and rich diversity of Indian consumers.

We have to admit, that after seeing how the chocolate industry has been always related to huge scandals for social, environmental and cultural abuse, it’s reassuring to see how it seems like a good moment to discuss about new values and promote unity within diversity. Just as Cadbury says, “sweet things happen when we unite.”


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